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Technical advice

No matter how high quality the material you have available, the way you assemble it can influence its design, functionality, durability and even the comfort it offers. At PINTAPLAST, we make sure you get the best assembly procedure as well as the accessories, materials and all the information you need on how to get the job done. In case you need help in the implementation process, we have professional partners ready to help you with the most varied projects.

Cut - to – size

All of our polycarbonate products can be cut to size to ensure a perfect fit for your project.

Vacuuming impurities from inside cell plates

To meet the high design and quality requirements of materials used in roofing terraces, pergolas, balconies, etc., cellular tiles are the best choice. PINTAPLAST is committed to supplying high quality products, free of impurities or material residues created, as a rule, by cutting the tiles to size. In order to achieve the maximum level of purity of the delivered product, we use professional vacuum cleaners to vacuum impurities from the inside of the cellular tiles.

Sealing tape bonding directly from the warehouse

The lifespan of any work depends on several factors, among which the quality of the material itself and the operations applied to it are certainly defining. But the contribution of accessories should not be overlooked. Among these, sealing strips play a crucial role in prolonging the life of the whole work and achieving an impeccable aesthetic appearance. At PINTAPLAST, we offer professional assembly tapes for sealing the cells of polycarbonate sheets so that they are protected against dirt and insects and have a maximum lifespan.


Don't waste time with shipping. PINTAPLAST helps you with professional and safe transport to your destination, carried out with contracted carriers.

Post-sale services

We can provide expert advice and support for your specific project requirements.

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We can provide expert advice and support for your specific project requirements.